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Record Video Along with Audio

You can record audio as well as the video to create the perfect screen recording. As well as this, you can record video and audio via your webcam. Furthermore, you can include or exclude the system sounds, configure the audio input options to use the audio from the system or via an external microphone. All of these things allow you to create any type of screen recording - including tutorial videos, game play, and even record your online conferences.

Capture Entire Screen or Just a Part

When it comes to the recording area, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. Different capture modes are provided so you can create the recordings just as you need them. You can use it to record the entire screen or just choose to record a specific area of the desktop. What makes it even better is that you do not have to be in front of your system all the time. Just select the area that you want to record and start the recording, our program will do the rest for you.


Real-Time Editing

A built-in editor is provided for you to do a lot more with your video in real time.This allows you to add notes, shapes, icons, texts and even add colorswhile recording to create high-quality videos.

Unlimited Recording

You could be looking to record a 2-minute clip for a tutorial or record your favorite TV show streaming on your PC. Whatever your needs may be, this one tool has everything you need. You can record the screen to get videos of any size and length.


Save Recordings to Play Anywhere

Due to the versatility of the tool, it allows you to create videos and view them on the move. Conversion to all popular video formats - including AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, MP4 and many more ensure that your recordings can be played and shared anywhere you like. You just follow the on-screen instructions for conversion once the recording is complete. If you like, you can even directly upload the video to YouTube, Video, Google Drive or Dropbox so you can share it with the world.

Record Screen Activity Along with Audio Easily in Clicks

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    Free screencast tool with intuitive interface - 3 steps to use

    By following the steps as instructed in the beneath demo, you can make screencast with audio, high video quality and other valuable features.

    Technology Officer
    Las Vegas, USA

    Simple Screen Recording

    It has helped me do so much more than just simple screen recordings! I am now able to make excellent video tutorials for my classes, and it takes me less time than before with even more features.

    Montreal, Canada

    Simple and Productive

    Recording my screen is no more a hassle - it is a simple and highly productive part of my work. I just need to run the software and it automatically does the rest and gives me the best quality video.

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