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This section includes the troubleshooting for computer users to utilize this handy software smoothly in recording Windows/Mac screen without hassle. Find below for detailed instructions.

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Troubleshooting for recording issues and more

Q: How can I record audio alongside video?

Free Screen Recorder has different audio input sources like “Microphone”, “System sound”, “Microphone and System sound”. Before you start recording, find the audio input and select one of the mode to record your audio.

  • – System sound: Use a computer to record any audio
  • – Microphone: Use your microphone to record your voice
  • – System sound and microphone: Use the system as well as microphone to record sound at the same time

Q: How do I capture the screen?

There are five recording modes that free screen recorder offers:

  • – Region: select a rectangular region and record it
  • – Full screen: capture in full size every screen frame
  • – Around mouse: record the motion of your mouse
  • – Web Camera: As the playback audio is working, capture the Webcam video alongside
  • – Only Audio: Use different format to only record audio from multiple sources

Q: Is it possible to set hotkeys to control the recording?

The hotkeys are a medium of controlling your recordings for Free Screen Recorder users. For recording and editing purposes, you can reset the hotkeys as it suits you. There are considerate services that are also offered, like the “Minimize to tray during recording”, “Hide desktop icons”, “Disable screen saver”, and the “Auto-hide the taskbar” among others.

Q: How do I record the Mouse Cursor on my screen?

A lot of users have the necessary means of recording the movements of mouse. When putting together informative tutorials, it’s crucial that your mouse cursor can be recorded. With the Screen Grabber Pro program, you are able to record your computer display along with your mouse cursor. To have your mouse cursor recorded along with your display, simply tick the “Include cursor in capture” box, click on the “Mouse Style Settings”, and you can customize how your cursor will be recorded.

Q: What is the reason for the “Virtual sound card can't be detected, install it now? Otherwise the program cannot run normally.” popup when there is an error.

A virtual sound card driver known as the “Speaker (Audio Device)” is installed on your computer after the Free Screen Recorder has been installed. The virtual sound card is an important component necessary for recording the audio that can be heard, since its installation is what makes the program run normally. To handle this error message, uninstall the program and restart your computer, you can download the latest version from here afterwards and re-install it.

Q: Why is my video picture not following with the audio?

1. Select “Tools” -> “Options” -> “General” -> “To sync sound” to alter the Total buffer (e.g. if 120 which is larger is the buffer value, then the larger is latency value) and Buffers to a smaller value, and pick High priority.

2. Uninstall all unused applications to free more resources, since the Screen Recorder needs more CPU resources in order to record video and audio.

Q: What is the reason for no sound after the installation of Free Screen Recorder?

1. Select “Playback devices” after right clicking on the sound icon in the Notification Area.

2. After selecting “Playback devices”, a new window called “Sound: will open up. In this window is where the sound devices for playback are. Please select the correct default playback.

Q: How to convert recorded video to another format

If you have a Mac computer, you can convert your recordings into the necessary format for your projects. Although your videos will be output in the MOV format, you are able to freely convert them. To convert a recording, simply right-click on the video file, and right off the bat click on the “Convert” tab. You will then be able to select the file format which you want the recording to be set as. Alternatively, if you have recorded several videos and are looking to have them all converted at once, simply follow the same steps although select all of the video files at once. On top of that, if you’re looking to have your videos merged into once video, select them all at once and click on the “Merge videos into one” option, then click “Start”.

If you’re using Windows, by default, your recordings will be saved as WMV format, although you are able to alter that setting to whatever your preferable format is. It supports outputs of 9 video formats that you could choose before making screencast, therefore there’s no need to convert it.

Q: How do I make screenshots within this software?

If you have a Windows computer, you are able to screenshot your display. When taking a screenshot, you can have screenshots taken in a variety of formats. Simply click on the “Screenshot” option on the program, and use your cursor to select the designated screenshot region. This feature will be available in the future version of Mac.

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